Will RRF be adopting DSF-style /machine routes in the future?

  • @dc42 If not, would you mind if I added a few aliases like "/machine/status" as an alias for "rr_model"?

  • administrators

    @gtj0 This isn't planned and redirecting /machine/status to rr_model will not work because Duet 2 boards cannot output the full object model in one go.

  • @chrishamm No but specifying "/machine/model?key=boards" will return a full model on DSF and boards on RRF3. Or just maybe, DSF can support the "key" parameter.

    With the addition of maybe 1 parameter (maybe "platform"?) we can then tell which 3.X platform we're connected to, RRF or DSF with just 1 call. This is easier than having to try different scenarios and falling back until we find one that works.

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