Axis stoped but no endstop triggered

  • Hello
    I have a bit of an odd problem. I updated my Duet WiFi to RRF 3(config as well) and now have the problem that when I start the homing, all axis are just moving a few millimetres and stop. In WebControle the axis are now homed but actually they are not. This printer still has the old sainsmart switches with the led on the board. When i operate the switch manually the led on the switch goes on as well as the corresponding led on the Wifi. When is send a M119 it shows all Endstops triggered but none of them are. I changed in the config.g S0 to S1 with no changes. There are no changes apart for updating to 3.0(i cant update newer, because i get a black screen during installation and can only get it to work with the reset button and then being at 3.0 again. Somebody on github has the same problem), the wiring is the same as before and worked fine with RRF2.

    Thanks for any kind of input

  • In RRF3 S parameter is to specify endstop type. To invert signal look at :

  • Well, dumb mistake by me. Thanks for that. I will change that tomorrow and report back.

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