Should rr_status be naming keys like "msgBox.controls"?

  • @dc42 I don't have a way to look back at RRF2 right now but rr_status is returning

       "msgBox.controls" : 7,
       "msgBox.mode" : 3,
       "msgBox.msg" : "test message",
       "msgBox.seq" : 5,
       "msgBox.timeout" : 0,
       "msgBox.title" : "TestTitle",

    Is that correct or should msgBox be an object by iself?

  • @gtj0 Heh, apparently that only happens if you don't specify a type parameter on the url.

  • administrators

    In RRF3, rr_status behaves almost exactly like RRF2. We don't plan to make any more changes to rr_status and we will probably deprecate it some time, because much more information is available using rr_model. DWC 3.1.x doesn't use rr_status if the Duet supports rr_model.

  • @dc42 I'm not looking to do anything to it. I was just confused by the "msgBox.seq" format but since that only happens when you don't specify a type, I'm fine. DueUI always specifies a type.

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