Movement-problem on one tower

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    I'm getting my old delta (with Duet 0.6) to work again and in the process of calibrating I created 7 points for my bed.g-file with the help of
    Delta is a reprap fisher with 75cm printable radius.
    Problem is the movement from between the X and Z tower (X-64.95 Y37.50) to the center (X0 Y0). I tested manually to see at wich speed the problem occurs: with F4000 it works (but doesn't look smooth) and with F5000 it hangs. Speed when issuing G30 after G30 must be more than F5000.

    Here a video of the problem with a look on the hanging Y-tower:

    Any clues what might be wrong? When testing the same movement for the other towers it works flawlessly.


    PS.: Output of M122 shows no missed steps

    To maybe help others:
    Problem got worse, sometimes the carriage wouldn't move at all, and prints started to lean in the direction facing away from the tower. Solution was simple: Grub screw on the pulley came loose. I marked the shaft and the pulley, and after moving the carriage up and down 5 times I could measure that the carriage was further down and the markers on the shaft and pulley wouldn't align anymore. Realigned, fastened the screw and now all is well again!

    Back to calibrating😅

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    @honuvo If you need any help, I have a RepRapPro Fisher, though I have updated to a Duet 2 Maestro and BMG extruder. Prints really nicely now, and quiet! Though currently one of the acrylic side panels is broken, so not using it much.

    Original build instructions are hosted by Dr Adrian Bowyer's company, RepRap Ltd., here:

    They still sell Fisher kits, too, but now with Duet 2 Maestro electronics.


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