G1 with S2 parameter

  • Hi there,
    previously I used G1 with S2 parameter on my IDEX cartesian machine in the tfreeX and tpostX scripts to be able to move both axis with X and U.
    Now I wanted to move the opposite axis to its min/max when moveing the other and that in one move so both carriages move at the same time.
    To move one axis to its min/max I use G1 X-999 and G1 U999 in other scripts without the S2 command.
    The firmware respects the limits and moves just to the min/max.
    But when using that with S2 the head crashes because S2 does not seem to look at the limits.
    Is that by intention?

    BTW the docs on reprap.org for the G1 with S2 paramter are not really helpful as S2 is not really explained and just mentioned regarding a delta machine and the difference between S1 and S2 is not given…

  • administrators

    Yes it's intentional that a move with the S2 parameter is a raw move that does not do limit checking.

    Thanks for pointing out that the documentation needs to be improved. We'll be adding S3 shortly, so I'll update the description of S1 and S2 at the same time,.

  • Ahhh ok well then I have to do two moves unfortunately…
    Though it won't be possible for me to move X to min when U tool is selected because then X and U move U.
    Unless I use the real min value but for convenience I wanted to have those values only at one point in the scripts when I have to change them I have to do that only once and not in every script...

    A command to move an axis to one of its ends is not out there by any chance?

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