Machine status responses

  • I am running Duet Maestro with 3.01 RC12 firmware

    I am monitoring the machine response object for the (I)dle situation.
    Am I correct in believing that whilst the machine is waiting for the temperature to get to the set point the machine is still stating that it is (I)dle?
    ie once M109 S260 is sent I still get (I)dle before that temperature is met
    I know that I can monitor the current temperature and check against the requested temperature, but was checking to see if there was a status that told me that the machine was not up to temperature.


  • administrators

    If you sent the command to heat directly from DWC or PanelDue or USB, that is correct. If the command was executed from within a print file, the status should be Printing. If it was executed within a macro file, the status should be Busy.

    In RRF 3.1.x you can use M409 to query the object model, from which you can tell which heaters are not close to target temperature.

  • @dc42 Thanks

    I have updated the firmware to 3.1.1

    I am using rr_status to get the status object and will have to read the head temp (which I already have) and compare it with the requested temperature.
    I accept that the machine will not execute commands until the temperature is reached but I don't want to send any commands to the machine via a web interface until the head is up to temperature.