Duet 3 bl touch issue

  • I have set up a duet 3 board and for some reason home does not reliably probe, usually after a completed print when called by the start of the next print. I have adjusted the grub screw is there anything else to look into? antlabs v3.1
    Also was trying to test some multi color prints with a palette, what would be the proper set up to control the duet 3 i can get an intermittent connection over usb, but it times out. I currently have a rpi4 conected via ribbon to the duet3 would I have to remove this and run the duet in standalone mode? Im guessing the the rpi3 i have running octoprint is fighting the rpi4.

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    Post your config.g and homeall.g so we can see what your BLtouch is doing.

    To use the Palette plugin with octoprint over USB in connected mode you would need to run the Duet 3 in standalone mode.

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