Wiring unipolar/bipolar steppers with wrong direction

  • Hello

    I have a CoreXY printer with a DuetWifi. For axis steppers I am using Minebea-Astrosyn 17PM-K motors which can be connected either via 6 wire unipolar or 4 wire bipolar connection. I have an A and B motor for the X/Y plane and 2 Z motors for the Z plane. Extruders are different but I haven't gotten that far yet.

    I have them wired to duet with A- and B- to pins 2A and 2B and A/B to 1A and 1B; I am disregarding the A and B common wires. Is this correct?

    The motors do engage and move via web console but they going in different directions (e.g. A and B are pulling against each other and the Z motors are going in opposite directions). This is happening despite all steppers being wired identically (verified again today as per above). Furthermore, changing the M569 values in my config.g appears to have no effect, currently all set to S0 but have tried all S1 and combinations of S1 and S0. This still wouldn't help my issue on the Z axis as I don't believe the direction of those can be set individually unless I use another stepper channel for the second motor, correct?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  • my motor wiring was incorrect; the pairs go in order (AABB). The LED verification of coil pairs was helpful to remedy this. hope this helps someone later on.

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