• Not really something I wish for, just something I wonder if have been considered;

    Q: I want to ship a board that has an ID EEPROM but does not conform to the remaining HAT specs.

    This is OK as long as it also meets the basic requirements. You can't call it a HAT but you can say it supports GPIO autoconfiguration if the EEPROM contains valid vendor, GPIO map and DT blob information.

    Adding an inexpensive 24C32 EEPROM will allow the SBC to automatically configure GPIO and device tree overlays, as well as provide means of identifying the board out of band. It is also possible to store and access manufacturer specific data beyond the required entries.

    I've just been fiddling with it for another hobby project and I quite like the functionality it adds, for very little BOM and PCB cost. Understandably adding this after the initial release is sub optimal, but figure I'd mention it in case it hasn't been considered already.

    edit but it would necessitate adding at least two more pins to the sbc header, increasingly unlikely although 1st gen pi's aren't supported by dsf anyway i guess

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