Error while building reprap firmware 3

  • Hi @dc42 I'm trying to compile reprap firmware 3 for my duet3 board.
    I've donwloaded branches and using build configuration as given below.

    RepRapFirmware: v3-dev   - Duet3_V06
    CoreNG: dev  - SAME70
    FreeRTOS: master  - SAME70
    RRFLibraries: dev  - SAME70_RTOS
    DuetWiFiSocketServer: master
    CANlib : master   - SAME70

    but getting error as shown in screenshot.


    I've not made any changes in code.

  • administrators

    You need to roll back project RRFLibraries to the 3.1.0 tag,

  • That worked but now getting other linker errors. Multiple definition in networking.


    one of them is given below.

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    ./src/Networking/LwipEthernet/Lwip/out/build/x64-Debug/CMakeFiles/3.16.19112601-MSVC_2/CompilerIdC/CMakeCCompilerId.o:(.data.info_arch+0x0): multiple definition of `info_arch'; ./src/Networking/LwipEthernet/Lwip/out/build/x64-Debug/CMakeFiles/3.16.19112601-MSVC_2/CompilerIdCXX/CMakeCXXCompilerId.o:(.data.info_arch+0x0): first defined here RepRapFirmware

  • administrators

    The symbol "info_arch" is not used anywhere in RepRapFirmware. I see references to MSVC and X64-debug in your listing. Have you by any chance compiled the files using MSVC instead of gcc?

  • @dc42 I was trying to add project in vscode. It was taking too much time create Makefile so left it in half. Thank you for the help Sir.

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