Backing up for those of us who are obviously challenged .....

  • I am trying to back up all my Duet files.
    Did a search and found rfm - great, downloaded rfm-linux_amd64.tgz, extracted it to my Desktop folder and tried to run it from the command line while I am in the Desktop folder. I get "command rfm not found, but there are 15 similar ones. Hmmmmm
    Ok, plan B
    I go to my DWC, select all files in the system folder, right click and download the zip file, extract it and all is well.
    I go to the macro folder, select all files, right click and wtf ... no option to download

    I am not quite sure why there isn't a simple button to download everything but hey, what do I know (apparently very little).

    Could somebody more versed in these things give me a clue as to how to get rfm to work or how to download the macro folder without having to pull the sd card please ?


  • Dohhhh ..... forgot to put the "./" in front of rfm

    Still would like to know how to download files from the macro folder though .....

  • @jens55 This doesn't answer your question but I take a different approach. That is to say that I maintain a copy of everything that is on the SD card on a PC and that copy is also backed up to a NAS. I never edit any files on the SD card. I only ever edit the PC based version and upload to the SD card. I've had too many SD card failures to use them for reliable storage. Having an always up to date copy, makes creating a new SD card simplicity itself (as well as the peace of mind).

  • I do all my experimenting / editing / playing on the Duet .... more fun that way .... except when you want to archive the result and you are too old to be conversant with the command line 😞

    I am currently trying to figure out how to tell rfm where the files should go (there seems to be no option in the help screen) and how to get more than just sys (ditto on the help screen)

  • @jens55 I also do all the tuning and tweaking on the Duet - mostly on the fly. Then when I have the values I need, I edit config.g or the relevant macro file. But the difference is that I edit the file on the PC and upload it.
    Ref the "age thing" I'll wager that I have a greater problem than you 🙂

  • The following applies to Linux systems ....
    After a lot of trial and error I have figured out what to put on the command line to run the rfm tool. I was going to do a small write-up of exactly what to enter but what I have is entirely centered around my specific system and would be of little help to anyone else.
    I did discover one thing that was essential though:

    When you run
    ./rfm help
    You get a general overview only. To get more detail for the individual commands you need to enter the following to get more information on, in this case, the backup command.
    ./rfm help backup
    This gives you information on what files to grab and where to put them
    I don't think I ever encountered a multi level help screen before - normally when you issue (in Linux) the command followed by either -h or help, you get the entire thing which can be lengthy. It is easy to miss the multi level help because you don't expect it (even though it mentions it right there on the screen)

    While not much, I hope this can save someone an hour or two in frustration ....

  • If you enable FTP on the Duet, you can just connect with any FTP client like FileZilla and drag & drop

  • any FTP

    not quite any FTP client, there are some limitations in the implementation on the Duet. so if you FTP is problematic try another client.

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