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  • I think it is more for convenience tbh but agree there needs to be a form of insulation between the bed and the electronics In my new Delta build it is actually upside down in that respect it that the PSU DUET Etc are all in the top frame with a solid ally sheet under it which may get a cork sheet attached to it if need be


  • I know nothing about Deltas but looking at pics, it seems the motors are at the bottom, under the plate and as there is still space, that's why people put the electronics there too (keeps the wiring short and tidy as well). I'd have thought that if the printer is going in an Ikea wardrobes, and if it's sat on a shelf, then under the shelf would be a good place to put the electronics. If you are planning on heating the enclosure too, then heat the bit above the shelf but not below, then you could blow cold air at the electronics too (if you wanted to). But as I said, I know nothing about Deltas….......

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    Another popular arrangement is to put the motors and electronics at the top and the power supply at the bottom. This works especially well when the bed heater is mains powered, because the SSR used to control the bed heater can also be placed at the bottom, and then you don't need any very thick wires running between top and bottom.

  • @CaLviNx:

    Putting everything under the delta base shelf in a second slightly lower self was the main plan, separating the heated part as you say

    Just a thought - the lower shelf could be a drawer. You'd need enough slack in the wiring for it to be pulled out but it might make life a bit easier is you need to access the electronics or SD card.

  • I've got a ton of insulation (foil bubbewrap, aluminium plate, cork) between my bed (heat rises remember) and the duet/SSR/PSU below the bed. There are 2x50mm fans in push-pull config set to come on when the bed is above 40 deg C.

    My duet CPU runs at 40-50 deg C, by comparison on my corexy recently upgraded to a duetwifi which is entirely open bolted to the out side of the acrylic enclosure it runs at 40 deg C. So I think with decent insulation this is more a theoretical problem than a real problem.

    I went this way as all the messy wiring is tucked away.

    That being said take a leaf from Tevo Little Monster, that IMO is a really nice evolution of the large delta format and has a lot going for it, such as all the motors and electronics at the top.

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