How to cancel the M81 S1 ?

  • Imagine the situation that I put the code M81 S1 in file sleep.g.
    The printer has finished printing and is waiting for the hot end to cool down to turn off the power.
    At this moment, I decided that I want to make another print.
    How can I cancel the shutdown?
    Raise the temperature of the hot end! But this is not correct and not beautiful!

    Lerge board is waiting for a power outage with a warning window - "shutdown!"
    Despite the operator’s inactivity, if the hot end cools down, Lerge will turn off the printer.
    But if the user closes this window, disconnection will not happen!

    Can I get the same on Duet?

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    I can't remember whether M80 cancels a pending M81 S1. Try it!

  • @dc42 Thanks you!
    I will try, but I would like to get an elegant solution with a window like Lerge, is this possible?
    I tried M291 but it makes the macros stop forever ...

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    Create a macro called "Cancel power off" and put the M80 command in it. IMO you can't get much more elegant than that.

  • @dc42 Thanks!

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    I've just checked the code. M80 does cancel a pending M81 S1.

  • @dc42 Thank you for worrying!
    I did some experiments:
    1- It works if I make two simple macros.
    The first macro I run when the hot end has 80 degrees for example, it contains the M81 S1 command, the second macro I run with the M80 command until the hot end cools down
    No power outage!
    2- It also works if I put the M1 command in the final print script, and the M81 S1 command in the file "sleep.g" and then launched the macro with the M80 command, the shutdown does not happen.
    3- I do not put the M1 command in the final print script, however I turn on the ATX-off checkbox in the web interface, and here is the problem, the printer is not turned off in any case! The ATX-off checkbox has no effect on turning off the printer power.

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