Option to use Duet 3 MB6HC as Expansion board

  • If I have a couple extra Duet 3 Main boards, it would be really nice to be able to use them as extra expansion boards either as the last link in the chain or just with a custom cable as just extra nodes on the CAN-FD bus for even more expansion.

  • Having a couple extra Duet 3 Mainboards sounds like a fun problem to have 🙂

  • It's mostly that I use them for prototyping very often for high value projects. It is a fun problem to have though.

  • administrators

    If would certainly be possible, if the expansion board firmware was ported to the main board. The CAN protocol for motor commands only has room to describe 3 motors, so it would have to be changed to allow a second motor command message.

    If a main board was used other than at one of the two ends of the bus, the termination resistors would have to be removed.

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