Heat run away problem at high flow extrusion

  • I'm using RepRapFirmware 3.1, Super volcano hotend, PT100 sensor, Titan-AERO extruder and 50mm/sec filament extrusion.

    I've been using it through PID auto tunnig. No problem when used at 250 degrees.

    If extrusion is performed by raising the temperature to 270 degrees, the temperature does not reach 270 degrees and a heater fault occurs.

    In actual use, it seems that a lot of heat escapes through the filament while extruding the filament.

    How to tune it? The goal is 300 degrees.

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    What error are you getting when trying to tune to 270c?
    What do you have your max temp set to?

  • A bit late (my reply), but I encountered the same problem with my volcano (0.8mm nozzle, direct all metal, 2.85mm filament) and it helps, if you have a 50W thermistor and a silicone around the heating block. I had to turn the part cooling fan down to 35-40%, then when the fan kicked in, it did not throw the temp off that much. I gradually raised the fan speed afterwards.

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