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  • Its been a long time since i last used the reprap configuration tool and was wondering if its possible to export my existing firmware setup in the Duet3dWifi back to the reprap configuration tool (JSON template) without having to start from the beginning?
    The only mod i have made with the printer is a new print head. (Mosquito). Will that require any changes in the thermistor setup? Thanks.

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    @Harley3D short answer is no you and export from config.g back to the config tool

  • @Harley3D Longer answer. If the only change is the hot end then you might not need to do anything other than run a heater tune. BUT it depends on the thermistor you use. If you use the same thermistor as your previous hot end, then nothing changes. But if you use the Slice Engineering thermistor, then you will need to change the B and C values and possible the T value too in M305.

    I know the values for the Slice Engineering thermistor are documented somewhere but I didn't manage to find them in the 10 minutes or so I just spent trying. Hopefully someone who knows where to look or who knows what the values are will step in and help you out.

    In any case, you should run a heater tune (M303) and put the results in M307. Also be aware that the Slice Engineering thermistor will be accurate at normal print temperatures and up to 500 deg C or so, but it might not be very good accurate ambient temperatures.

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