Z Probe large XY offsets

  • All,

    I have a Cartesian printer where my probe is 121mm behind T0 and 11mm to the right of T0.

    I placed this into my config: G31 P100 X11 Y122 Z1.255
    This all makes sense to me, but in my bed.g I have to start my probe on Y at 125mm for it to work because of the large offset.

    ; define probe area
    M557 X50:900 Y125:850 S75

    When I run mesh bed leveling this puts the nozzle at X39 and Y3 on the first point.

    My questions / confusion is, will the heightmap compensate for where my nozzle is during probing or where the probe is?
    I hope that makes sense.

    thank you!

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