SuperPID Spindle Controller with Duet WiFi v2.x

  • I tried searching but found only 1 post even mentioning a SuperPID, so I figured I’d put this out there to see if anyone else here has setup a Duet WiFi running on 2.x in CNC mode with a SuperPID controller for spindle on/off as well as speed control?

    I believe I can control the on/off logic and speed. The jumper on duet is set to 5v output to fans but 24v on system and heaters. SuperPID uses 5v for both pwm control for speed and 0v/5v for power switching. So I think I would have to use 2x fan headers to control the unit. 1 for speed and other for on/off control. Does that sound right? If so how would one recommend configuring the duet? Here are the details on how to control the SuperPID box via their manual.

    SuperPID Setup Manual

    FAQ Site

    If anyone can either confirm my assumption for controlling the SuperPID or even better if someone has already implemented the SuperPID and can comment about how they hooked it all up to the duet and also the SuperPID controllers, that would be fantastic!

    Thanks again in advance and this place rocks! 👍

  • Hi there,

    I ordered mine yesterday and I have exactly the same questions. If we are to switch the fan jumpers from 24 to 5, we also have to change the actual fans or plug the directly to the PSU or somewhere else. Since the fans are always on, this should not be a problem.

    Speaking of fans, I was actually thinking to add a thermistor and kapton-tape it to the X or Y driver heatsink and have the fan be temperature controlled.

    If you only want on/off control, you can do it with a SSR connected to one of the fan outputs and control it with a M106 command. This is how I do it and works perfectly. I even modified the Fusion 360 postprocessor to add the GCodes accordingly. I could post it to Github if you are interested.

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