Heat Creep

  • I can get a decent enough 1st layer sometimes, but then the nozzle (Nozzle X) clogs. I am able to clear the clog, but as soon as I try to print again, it clogs right back up.

    Using PLA with a Printing Temperature of 200C and a Print Speed of 45mm/s.

    Ran PID calibration as well.

    When installing the heat break, I used thermal paste on the threads that went into the heat sink in an effort to help prevent this very problem. I also replaced the little fan that came with the hotend with a larger one. Parts cooling is via 2 blowers. mimages via Dropbox

    Not sure what lines of the config.g or config_override.g are applicable (if any).

    I know Heat Creep is caused by hot end temps being too high, but if I try to run @ 190C like I did with the stock V5 hotend the printer came with, I can't get a consistent extrusion to stick to the bed.

    Does anyone have any ideas of things I can try to fix the issue?

  • @beanman1 Reduce the amount of retraction. The most common cause of heat break blockages is molten filament being drawn up into the heat break where it will cool and solidify.

  • My current Retraction settings are:

    Distance - 6.5mm
    Speed (Retract and Prime): 25mm/s

  • Yeah, the print I was just trying printed the skirt beautifully, but as soon as it tried to start the actual 1st layer of the model, the filament just blobbed up on the nozzle.

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    Start with 1mm of retraction and see if there is an improvement.

    You can use firmware retraction so that you can modify it on the fly during a print. This is useful for the tuning phase since you don't have to rely on the slicer and reslice the whole file again to change the retraction.


    These macros may help in your tuning.

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