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  • Hello@ all,

    I want to play a little bit with micropython and my duet.

    is there a list of all possible requests which i can make?

    I just saw the pythonapi from danal. There he differents from RFF2 and RFF3 Status Type Messages.

    Rff2 = rr_status
    Rff3 = machine/Status

    I am running 3.1.1 on a duet WiFi and only the rr_status works.

    Best peter

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    The machine/status query is not RRF3 specific, it is provided by a Raspberry Pi or other single board computer connected to a Duet 3. So rr_status is correct for your Duet 2.

    For a list of available HTTP commands, see https://github.com/Duet3D/DuetWebControl/blob/legacy/README.md. RRF3 also supports rr_model.

  • Dear @dc42 thank you for that! I will adapt Danal´s Code for Mircopython. Some changes have to be done. Micropython do not like f-strings ;( Will post the fork then in the orginal thread!


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