Tool Mix Accuracy Limits

  • Are tool mix ratios limited to a single decimal place?

    e.g. M567 P2 E0.1:0.2:0.1:0.6

    or can it be:

    M567 P2 E0.15:0.25:0.15:0.45

    or even:

    M567 P2 E0.155:0.255:0.155:0.435

    providing that the the values total to 1

  • @ractorIII If it's a mixing hot end then think of it as single digit percentages divide by 100. So E0.01:0.99 works. As does E0.15:0:15:0.70. But I'm pretty sure that you can't go to more than 2 decimal places (at least you never could unless something has changed recently).

    If you use multiple extruders in a push - pull arrangement then the mixing ratio would be 1:00:1.00

    Edit. I've just noticed you signature and realise that you might not have a hot end as such. In which case substitute mixing hot end with "multiple inputs, single output".

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