Ghosting in only one direction

  • Hi,

    I am testing the acceleration and I have found a problem.
    When I rotate the part by 180°, the printing is almost good.
    I will try to explain, when the head travels away from the motor, I have minimal ghosting, but when the head comes towards the motor, the ghosting appears.
    I have the same situation with X and Y axes.

    I checked the motor, the belt, ... all seem correct but I am sure I have a problem.

    Did you have the same problem ?

    The picture represents the same part printed twice with a 180° rotation to show how the aberration appears in only one direction.

  • Moderator

    It looks like overheating more generally which can let ghosting appear more strongly. Do you perhaps have the part cooling fan blowing from only one side?

    It also looks like your infill is showing through. Are you by chance using Cura? By default it prints infill before the walls, which results in the infill showing through. You may want to change to print the inner walls first, followed by external walls, and then finally the infill. This will give the best external wall quality. If the infill still shows through you can adjust the infill overlap.

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