Fusion 360 working on adding G2/G3 Support

  • I was reading the current roadmap blog post for Fusion 360, and it seems they are working on implementing G2/G3 support. (Also adding support for resin printers but I think the vast majority of Duets are used with filament printers.

    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Improvements

    After the March 2020 update, Fusion 360 became a slicer for FFF printers overnight. As awesome as this release was for FFF, it had a couple of kinks. The team has, since then, been working hard at improving the usability and fixing any and all reported issues. You can expect to see a continued investment in this area. We are adding new printers, new post files and new functionality update after update. Some of the key projects that excites us are around G2/G3 support, new infill types, dual extrusion improvements and overall increased performance around toolpath generation.

    Stereolithography (SLA) / Digital light projector (DLP) 3D Printing

    FFF and metal powder bed fusion printers are great and all, but 3D printer processes are very diverse, and we want Fusion 360 to support all kinds of printing techniques. We are working on enabling SLA and DLP print preparation such as integrating printer workspaces, SLA/DLP specific support generation methods, packing parts within the platform, and slicing models for these types of printers. We can’t wait to see what you design and print using Fusion 360.


    (They do have a section on their forum for adding feedback for the FFF slicer part of Fusion 360, so I would think a fair amount of Duet users could give them some good, critical feedback on the quality of toolpath generation, needed features, issues, etc.)

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