M999 Duet 3 6HC + EB 3HC - only resetting main board.

  • Hi guys,

    I have had a read of a few posts regarding this but have been unable to determine the best solution (even if just for now).

    Having some troubles with the M999 command when sent from the Paneldue on a Duet 3 6HC + EB 3HC.

    It works as intended for all components connected to the MB but one of my Y-Axis' is connected to the EB and continues on moving, which is causing issues (balls screw on each Y connected to a N23 with enough torque to send the axis off track)

    Am I best putting a momentary switch in that can send a command to reset both?

  • administrators

    Are you running latest firmware on both main and expansion boards? use M115 to check. latest is 3.1.1 on the main board and 3.1.0 on the expansion board.

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