Once again, Bl Touch blink issues....

  • This is getting really old. I love the BLTouch when it’s working and absolutely hate it when it starts blinking again. I know that the problem is most likely the contacts on the cable are not making good contact, but I’ve tried everything I can think of to eliminate the issue with only short lived successes. I got it working by pinching the hell out of the connector on the BLT itself, but then half way through the print it started blinking again and stopped the print.

    I’ve tried replacing the cable twice, most recenly with a cable that reached the duet thereby eliminating the connector near the hotend. I squeezed the connector into its seat as far as I can (I’ve already had to replace the BLT once because I squished a bit to hard and broke one of the connectors just below the female receptical.

    I don’t know where to go from hear. I can not seem to get a reliable contact between the BLT and it’s cable. I really don’t want to give up', but I need fresh ideas about what I can do.

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    The plug socket on the BLtouch is pretty delicate. Maybe a direct soldered connection to the pads under the plug if you're good with the iron? Not much to lose if it's already damaged.

  • can you disable / unconfigure it (after homing/leveling/whatnot) to avoid it stopping a print, or will the pin drop if you do?
    (as a band aid while you figure something else out)

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