Duet 3 MB 6HC CNC Workbee 500/750

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    New user with experience with building a Rostock 3D printer with limited gcode begin/intermediate skills. This is my first CNC build and I jumped into it with a Duet 3 controller with a Raspberry Pi 4 mod B 4 Gig SBC. The hardware on the WorkBee is standard with the exception of NEMA 23 high torque steppers. Why Duet 3 instead of 2? The higher amp stepper drivers and the ability to expand for laser and rotary axis, etc...

    I can get to the DWC and the dashboard via monitor and input devices. The DuetPi.zip was used to create the SD card on the Raspberry and I am ready to get started with changing the config from the default 3D printer to a CNC specific config. <= How to do this and or where might I find a widely distributed CNC specific config file to get started? Familiar with Linux Ubuntu and Mac OS.

    I am aware of Ooznest's recent change to a Duet 2 controller for their WorkBee and the CNC specific DWC (downloaded), but I doubt that that config and DWC will work on the Duet 3 controller and SBC. I thought I would ask here first.

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    Not sure you will find a "widely" available CNC config, but there may be someone who can at least share theres if you can't find one in the posts here already.

    For the Duet Pi and Duet 3 you should be running the latest 3.1.1 firmware and DSF/DWC versions.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

    if you haven't already.

    I assume you've seen these but I'll link them anyway as reference

  • Thanks for the reply. I have read some of your replies on the forum before I joined, good info. I have read the pages you have listed earlier this week.

    I have read that the DWC will alter the site pages according to the config, so that is why I was hoping to find a kind of template config. I have seen some post of members that have done similar hardware configs that I am now working through, but not a similar config with file text available to copy and paste. I'll wait and see what other members can post. I will post my config as soon as I get it done. Thanks again.

    So, Ooznest's Duet 2 DWC is a definite no?

  • I'd look at DueUI which is made by an awesome forum user that allows relatively easy customization of the web interface to suit your needs, thats my plan for making Duet + Pi more CNC friendly at least (only plan, no work done yet)


  • Cool! Thanks. I'm on it...

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    @Max3D said in Duet 3 MB 6HC CNC Workbee 500/750:

    So, Ooznest's Duet 2 DWC is a definite no?

    I'm not super familiar with it or their changes, but if it's based on DWC2 it may be usable. Since you are using a Duet 3 you should be using firmware and DWC 3.1.1 (latest atm). I don't know if they have migrated their custom version to RRF3 yet.

  • Thank you...

  • Just in case someone is looking for a config file and ends up here. I wanted to add that I found what I was looking for here: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/4669/ooznest-workbee-screw-driven . The config.g from user:Catalin_RO is a good starting point for Duet 3 running a 750/750 screw driven CNC. The post also has some homing files to place in the gcode directory.

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