Duet Wifi firmware recovery woes…

  • hi dc42,

    I have a duet wifi board that has been on the shelf for some months awaiting a new home, which was just finished in it's construction phase last night. I have been having relatively good luck whilst using the most recent firmware revisions (which keep wifi management on main board as opposed to offloading that task to the WiFi module), and so, without even turning the machine on to play with it on whichever firmware I last used it on (probably 1.12 ish, IIRC) I went straight for the latest update as I know I will end up there anyhow and figured why waste time? I pressed 'erase', followed by 'reset', then proceeded to load SAM-BA (like usual procedure), but here's where the procedure is failing and I need your help to determine how to proceed:

    I perform the prerequisite which calls for using computer via USB to perform a full firmware recovery, and at the point after "erase" then "reset", my device manager responds properly and displays now, "Bossa Program Port (COM 4)". Then, I pull up SAM-BA, which automatically suggests the correct corresponding port that the board has been assigned (I know because at one time while trying to get things working, I manually forced the port to be COM8, then, when loading SAM-BA, it suggests COM8) and still remembers my last used board type being "at91sam4e8-ek", which is also correct, but thereafter, no matter what I try to get around the issue, I'm denied further progress upon trying to connect via SAM-BA with a red X icon and the most undesired message "Can't connect at91sam4e8-ek, invalid chip ID".

    Please advise.

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    That sounds odd. Try downloading Bossa 1.8 from https://github.com/shumatech/BOSSA/releases. Then run Bossa, press Auto Scan and see if it find the chip. If it does, check the Erase, Lock and Boot from flash boxes, browse to the firmware file, and press Write.

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    The bit that sounds odd to me is " I manually forced the port to be COM8" . Try just allowing the bossa post to be COM 4 can connect to COM 4 in SAMBA

  • Sorry on the delayed response to yours b up in just how seeing this. I will try bossa 1.8 and post back, Tony, regarding the forcing of com8 briefly, it was just to see whether the auto detect of the port was following the actual location on which the car was connected, and it reflected the change upon entering the prigram so I ultimately switched it back to auto determine, which, as you mentioned, placed it back on Com4. Anyway, let me attempt the procedure with v1.8 as above and get back the results of what I find.

    Thanks guys.

  • Okay, so an unfortunately not enlightening update regarding my firmware update (or restore to any firmware at this point) woes:

    I downloaded the BOSSA 1.8 version off of the github page referenced above. Installed fine the x64 variant of the 1.8 software to my Win10 Pro on my Surface Book, but then when running the program, I do see the GUI, which is exceedingly basic, but has a dropdown box to select serial port, so I selected that,at such point I see only COM4(after just having performed the sequence of erase, then reset on the duet wifi board), at which point the program immediately crashes and the GUI disappears and in place of it in an presented with a message box labeled bossa.exe, with the message, "bossa.exe had stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly…blah blah...will notify you if a solution is available". Just for kicks I tried to enter the program with the board connected, then after refreshing the ports list, disconnecting the board just before selecting it's port, which behaves as expected and program execution does not end abnormally, but rather give an error message that it couldn't find the board, allowing me to continue and try again...but as soon as I try to select the port while board is actually connected --> CRASH.

    Please advise.


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    If you are able to use SAM-BA (on com4) that is a known working way. The Bossac guys have only just added support for the SAM4 and I have not had a chance to test it.

  • Not sure you're following exactly what's the problem here, but yes while windows does in fact recognize a bossa device connected and places it onto com4, no matter what I try I can't get the board to be flashed with a working firmware. It crashes ask the known programs that are designed to work with the board at this low level…

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    First, if you are using USB power only, disconnect the PanelDue and any other power-hungry devices (BLTouch etc.) that could be overloading the 5V USB power from your PC. Then try SAM-BA again.

    There appears to be a problem with Bossa 1.8 on some Windows computers, possibly related to screen resolution. It's working fine on my own Windows 10 x64 PC. Do you have a different PC that you can try it on?

  • shot in the dark but com 4 often shares irq with com 2 so you might want to check if you have a port on com 2 like a modem or something?

  • Yes, I've got other computers to try it on. Though the issue, in my opinion, respectfully of course cuts I know you guys are the masters of this trade, but the program appears to run fine, just not when the (what everything to me is screaming problem with this particular board) specific duet wifi in question gets plugged in….then all goes to shit.

    BTW, as far as board power is concerned, this is being connected to my pc in a standalone manner (ie. Not installed in any machine...just the card via USB no wires whatsoever) because I can't get a firmware running in it I had to decommission it in place of a functional board in the meanwhile.

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    Another user who was unable to flash new firmware on his Duet WiFi and reported a similar problem running Bossa 1.8 managed to flash the firmware using the command line version of Bossa 1.8. I had suggested the following command line to him:

    bossac.exe –port=COM_nn_ -U true -e -w -v -b C:\path\FirmwareFile.bin -R

    If necessary, put in the full path at the beginning to the version of bossac.exe installed with Bossa 1.8. Substitute your own COM port number and firmware path and file name in this command.

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