IDEX duplication/mirror print on non centered bed

  • Hello Duet hive brains,

    I have IDEX machines that i would like to print duplication and mirror prints on a non centered bed (0,0 not in the bed center). The machines are Hictop/Tenlog D3’s running Duet+duex boards. Fantastic machines they are now that they run on RRF if i may add.
    The beds are centered and everything works fantastic.
    I know the g-codes wouldn’t be cross compatible, but i use the machines that all have 300mm wide beds so it’s not a real issue..

    The only reason me asking is that i can’t use IdeaMaker slicer and i would really like that.

    So how do i do set the mirror printing if the bed is not centered? I can’t just -1 the U axis.. duplication i understand because i would just offset it as now with bed centered, but mirroring... that eludes me. Is it even possible?

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    Are you sure that IdeaMaker doesn't support centred beds? That would mean that it doesn't support delta printers.

    One option would be to keep with the centred bed and use G10 L2 to set up workplace coordinate offsets in the slicer start Gcode.

  • @dc42 I guess the space time continuum waited for me to make a fool of myself and then revealing me the offset function within Ideamaker.. if it works for delta, it should work for this.

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