MDNS Duet Ethernet

  • Hi! Does the Duet Ethernet support mDNS? I am on a Mac, but cannot reach either of my Duets via hostname.local. Is there any configuration that needs to be done other than set the name?

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    Currently the Duet Ethernet supports neither mDNS or NetBIOS.

  • Cool… thats why its not working.... haha. Are you planning on fixing mDNS for ethernet?

  • I noticed this as well, you saved me creating a thread about it. I was wondering why some people were suggesting hostname.local because from the code this clearly does not work on Duet Ethernet, the code to handle mDNS is specific to the Duet Wifi.

    Not a big issue but with the soon-to-be-released 1.19 firmware the IP address will change for those using DHCP. If mDNS was supported then this would have been transparent (not trying to complain, I work in software and I understand you can't fix everything at once!).


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