reduce travel speed z axis?

  • Hey.
    I just wanna speed down the homing speed of the z axis. Or the travel speed when its not printing.
    I have the problem with vibration when travelling z to fast 10cm or more (stop turning leadscrew).
    While printing the travel speed can be faster, because its just moving 1mm max.

  • The F parameters in your home files control the speed of each individual move in the homeing sequence.

    But you'd be better of setting a reasonable limit for speed, acceleration and jerk. Saying print moves are only 1mm and therefore can be larger sounds odd, you'll more likely be limited by acceleration and jerk on a 1mm move.

  • @barbarossa-cologne

    What @bearer said. Plus you can limit the maximum Z speed by editing the value in M203 in your config.g file. With short layer change moves, you'll never reach this speed unless it is set really low and you have very high accelerations.

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