Configuring Bigtreetech Smart Filament Sensor?

  • I finally got around to rewiring my Nigtreetecxh Smart Filament Sensor and am getting the following output when I run M591 D0 in the console:

    M591 D0: Pulse-type filament monitor on pin e0stop, disabled, sensitivity 21.000mm/pulse, allowed movement 40% to 120%, check every 7.0mm, measured sensitivity 6.209mm/pulse, measured minimum 322%, maximum 352% over 5910.6mm

    So it's definitely working...yay! I just am not sure what to do at this point to configure the sensor correctly. Obviously I have to enable it but it looks like the other parameters in the M591 command are off from what is measured so I want to get that sorted before I enable it. The guide is a little sparse when it comes to this so I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!!

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