Could Someone assist with Firmware Location?

  • Hey Guys! I just built a massive Corexy, and It's all good, except for the fact that I cannot find a firmware file that will upgrade past 2.50 I'm on the latest Web Control, that updated... I've followed an endless loop of redirects and dead pages in Github, and cannot find the new wifi server anywhere. I'm on 1.3.

    I go to the 3.1 firmware, and download the new version, and upload it, it says it's going to restart to install. It re-starts, and it's still 2.5.

    I cannot find a pre- compiled bin for 3.0, and I need to update to that first.

    I just cannot seem to "get right" with github. It's ridiculously confusing to me... I can go directly to duet, or DC42, and view all of the things listed under that profile. For example, DC42 has 9 projects under his name. They're all dead or archived.. Yet If I google search, I'm led to tons of additional stuff under the DC42 user. I just don't get it.....

    The firmware update instructional tells you what to do, but does not link to the files.. For example.. the wifi server... I cannot find it anywhere. I Know it's got to be my lack of understanding of how github works, BUt regardless, I'm lost right now...

    What Might I be doing wrong, that if I download the combined firmware from the 3.1 release page, It does not move past 2.5?

    Thanks so much, and sorry to be so dense, but the more I read about how to navigate github, the more confused I get....

  • I've found that, but there is no wifi firmware... That's the build I'm downloading the firmware for, and it stays 2.5. I know I've been through this twice before, but I do not know what I did to fix it.

  • Do you happen to know where I can find a binary for the 3.0 build? I can only find the raw code, and i have no idea how to build it. I already have all my config files and macros made for the machine, but nothing works, as it's using the new language for 3.x.

    Thanks again!

  • Ok, I'm impressed, but how the hell did you find it? I see no links on the release pages... If I search in github, I never could find that.. You obviously understand how github works, would you mind letting me in on the secret? lol

    And thanks!

  • Its right there where others are, just have to scroll down and go to next page and scroll down again and... until you find it.

  • its a little counter intuitive as the 2x and 3x releases are intertwined on the timeline.

  • @bearer Well, thanks a million! I'm all upgraded now... I'm still looking.... I'll not stop trying, But I really appreciate you helping me out!

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