Faster trigger of M80 command with duet3 + SBC

  • Is there a faster was of triggering an M80 command from boot? All the power for my printer is powered through an SSR that has a bypass switch to allow the system to boot then an M80 command in the config.g keeps the power on. Before my Duet2 died this would be a quick button press but currently I need to hold power for 30s before the Pi boots. I had a config.g file on the SD card that only had an M80 and it is virtually instantaneous but then the Duet doesn't enter SBC mode.

    I saw DC42 is working on allowing a panel due to switch between standalone/SBC modes which I hope will also allow a config.g to do it too.

    Otherwise I'll have to wire in a USB adapter for +5v and make the printer "always" on.

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