Different power for all steppers

  • I have a strange idea, since i have acces a pile of 24v 2,5 amp psu, can i use 5 of them to my printer(1 for the duet and 4 for motors? Or i have to get a 24v 10 amp one?

  • It's not really practical to use 5 supplies and would be very tricky, there aren't separate power connectors for each motor driver which are all on the same bus on the board so you'd end up connecting your supplies in parallel which I'm fairly sure would be a bad idea.

    If you were using external drivers you could run a supply to each one for x y z and e but then running the rest of the board on 2.5A, even if the bed were powered separately, including your hotend heater would be impossible.

    Sounds easier to stick the 5 supplies on ebay and buy a 10A one and possibly pocket the difference.

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