Automatic Calibration Results flipped/flopped

  • When I put a piece of paper under one of the corner measure points - the back right point - and I look at the graph, it is the front right point that is displayed as lifted above the rest, so the graph must be flipped around the X axis.

    This makes it harder to manual-level the bed, because you cannot refer the graph directly to your printer.

  • administrators

    You can rotate the bed height map displayed in the web interface until the displayed, XYZ axes line up with the axes of your printer.

  • I know, but they can't. The axies are not drawn at 0,0,0 - but rather at 0,1,0. I would expect the origo to be drawn at my min x, min y but they are drawn at min x, max y.

    I belive the axies should always be drawn at x0,y0 - whereever that may be.

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