UNSOLVED CNC motor control with ESC with different PSU

  • I was asked to create a separete thread. I'm building a CNC with duet2 wifi
    and the motor is controlled by an ESC controller. My Duet runs on 24V, the motor is using
    a different PSU pf 12V.
    I searched the forum and want to confirm that this setup is ok, not to fry anything.
    For speed control, the ESC requires a servo signal, I hooked that up to a FAN pin.
    I did not connect the servo VIN to anything.
    Do the two PSUs need to connect the GND together?
    Or any other tweaks to the wiring?
    Thanks very much for checking.


  • Voltage is not an absolute number. When we say "this is 24v" what we are actually saying is that the positive terminal is +24 compared with the negative terminal. That's why when you mix components with different voltage needs, as in your case, you have to connect the GNDs together, so that the reference is the same for the whole system.

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