DUET 2 WIFI - changing directions all of a sudden?

  • Hey,
    I get once and a while a strange phenomenon where the direction of my stepper motor changes direction.

    I've got M569 S0 or S1 in my config file but sometimes it changes the direction without any warning...

    And this happens without changing anything else.

    could this be some wiring issue? power thing?

    any thoughts?


  • Moderator

    Is your motor current set on the lower end of rated current?

  • 80% of rated current.

    could that be an issue?

  • Moderator

    I don't know. I thought I had read at some point some instances where a motor could get back driven under certain circumstances but I'm unable to find anything like that now. Maybe I imagined it?

    What is the printer doing when this happens? What are the motor specs? What firmware version? What settings?

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