SOLVED Arduino and PanelDue at the same time

  • I was wondering if it was possible to have connected at the same time a PanelDue to the 10 pin connector and an arduino/esp32 (keeping in mind the voltage of the Tx/Rx lines) to the 4 pin PanelDue connector. If it was possible i would use this to pull the Duet status (mine is a Duet 2 WiFi) with Gcode, to control some addressable leds. The only alternative I can think of is to use the microusb port at the front, but that wouldn't be as clean. By the way, I use the PanelDue with the 10 pin connector because I want to retain the sdcard slot (that I didn't tested 😅 )

  • this has a bit of info on the same topic

    (edit: the 10pin and 4pin connector have the same serial pins on the duets that have serial on the 10pin connector, not all the older board does. as for alternativeives, using an esp32 allows you to use http instead of serial)

  • Thanks for all the infomations, I'll take a look as it seems exatly what I "need"😊 . I knew that I could use http requests (an example here: but I would prefer a wired connections. Thanks again for the help!

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