How does this M591 status make any sense?

  • Pulse-type filament monitor on pin e0stop, enabled, sensitivity 0.800mm/pulse, allowed movement 50% to 150%, check every 50.0mm, measured sensitivity 0.423mm/pulse, measured minimum 166%, maximum 211% over 102.7mm

    How is .423mm/pulse at least 166% more than .800mm/pulse?

  • administrators

    It's the other way round. You are getting at least 166% of the expected number of pulses, because you have set it for one pulse every 0.8mm but you are getting one pulse per 0.423mm on average.

  • @dc42 That's totally counterintuitive. "Too much movement", or to paraphrase "too many pulses" isn't the right way to express it.

    "Too much|little extrusion" makes more sense.

    The configuration is "mm/pulse". So "too much" anything is "too many mm/pulse." Not "too many pulse/mm" as your error message communicates.

  • administrators

    The message reports "measured sensitivity". More pulses/mm is obviously (IMO) greater sensitivity.

    I guess what's confusing you is that "measured minimum" is minimum measured vs. actual extrusion, which is not the same as sensitivity.

    Maybe I should change the configuration to pulses/mm instead of the other way round. This would probably make sense for sensors with >> 1 pulse/mm, but not for sensors with <1 pulse/mm.

  • @dc42 yeah, definitely is more sensitivity. Either way, my suggestion is so long as the units are consistent between messaging and configuration, I think it'll be more intuitive.

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