Error: Heating fault on heater 0

  • Error: Heating fault on heater 0, temperature rising much more slowly than the expected 1.7°C/sec

    So a few days ago I posted that I was seeing hot end temperatures about 25°C high at idle and that after taking some bits apart and putting it back together that it seemed to be working. Shortly after I started to get the above error when the bed has reached about 30°C.

    I checked the silicone heater and it seemed to only be getting warm in one spot so I assumed that it was faulty and I have procured a replacement but now that the replacement in in place the error persists.

    My configuration for the Bed is

    M305 P0 T100000 B3950 R4700 H-20 L0

    but this has not changed since I started using it.

    My Printer uses a mains voltage heater through an SSR. I do not really know how to troubleshoot whether it is the duet, SSR or Power Supply that is at fault but I am assuming the PS is ok. I am open to suggested troubleshooting methods.

  • OK so with my bed removed and carefully placed on the side but still fully connected I can see that the light on the duet comes on and the light on the SSR comes on for a short time then the error occurs and they both go out so I think this is either a fault with the Duet or with the configuration maybe but as nothing has changed in the configuration I am unsure why it should suddenly start behaving this way. I have checked all the connections are still good and tight . I am unsure how it determines that the temperature should rise at 1.7°C/sec.

  • Ok I figured out what was wrong. I am an idiot that's what. I inadvertently set the hot end PID parameters as the Bed Parameters in the config.g file.

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