• So the Slicing recommendations page on the Wiki is a bit sparse.
    Does anyone have any Duet specific slicing tips/tricks besides using relative movement?
    Have people had better results with a particular slicer, or is this more down to machine/presonal preference?

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    I think it's down to personal preference. I used to use slic3r until the newer versions kept crashing under Windows. Reluctantly I spent £99 for S3D, which I find abysmal for switching between two different types of printer, but otherwise ok. Last time I tried Cura it had a bug that caused print artefacts, so I haven't used it recently. The new version 2.0 Cura doesn't appear to support delta printers.

    Apart from using relative extrusion for the Duet, most slicer settings depend on the mechanics of your machine much more than on the firmware you run.

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