Fan8 output weird stuff

  • Hello

    i have one question is normal on Duex 5Ch board that when i set fan8 off i have on pin's 4,95V when i turn on fan i have 1.65V?

    Please help?

  • How exactly are you measuring the voltage? Across the two connector pins, or relative to ground? Is the fan connected?

  • fan is not connected i measure across two pin's and to ground

  • I'm assuming you have the jumper set to 5V?

    If you are measuring 4.95V across the pins with the fan turned off, that seems wrong.

    However, neither of the fan pins is actually tied to GND. One of the fan pins is always going to show 5V/12V/VIN relative to GND (selectable by jumber). The other one is pulled closer to GND the higher the fan speed is set.

    All that is to say, your measurements almost make sense if you are measuring the low-side pin relative to actual GND. Maybe you could just attach a fan and see if it works?

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