Dual BLTouch Sensors

  • So I'm setting up an IDEX (Independant Dual Extrusion) machine and planning to use the Duet Wifi primarily because of the IDEX configuration page (https://duet3d.com/wiki/Configuring_multiple_independent_X-carriages_on_a_Cartesian_printer), the fact that it allows for different Z offsets which makes calibration an ease (and apparently Marlin doesn't with IDEX?), and 32 bit control. I was hoping to use a BLTouch sensor for each hotend. I read through the other two forum posts, (configuring for 0.8.5 and configuring with a Z endstop) but I'm not confident at all that I can configure 1 BLTouch successfully, let alone two (if this is even possible). Can anyone tell me how to do this, both with wiring and configuring the sensors in the firmware? Failing that can anyone recommend an extremely accurate sensor to use in place of the two BLTouch sensors?

    Edit: Found this: https://duet3d.com/wiki/Connecting_a_Z_probe but it doesn't explain what to do with multiple.

    I know this is asking a lot, any help is appreciated.


  • Closing thread, no longer interested in using BLTouch sensors.

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    I'm sorry that I somehow missed your post before. Using firmware 1.20beta1, I think it would be possible to configure dual bltouch sensors. But you would still need to calibrate their individual trigger heights, and I don't think this would be any easier than calibrating one trigger height and the difference in nozzle heights.

  • What about using piezo sensors on the gantry or the bed? Makes it way easier to probe using the nozzle tip itself so both hotends use the same offset and same sensor without having xy offsets.

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