no 3.3v on duet wifi

  • I was messing around with mounting a bl touch and plugged it in backwards now the board wont communicate over WiFi or USB and has no 3.3v light i only bought it about a month ago is it possible to get a new one through warranty or am i going to have to fix it myself thanks in advance

  • I suppose that would depend on what caused the board to fail. i.e. warranty will not cover wiring mistakes; ref:

    Plugging in backwards sounds like might be on the fix it yourself side of things, but ultimately it is up to the Duet people to call it.

  • thanks for responding i just wanted to check before i attempted a repair. Fortunately my repair worked as i had a few 5v to 3.3v regulators from an attempted repair on a duet maestro.

  • Take care to check the revision (ed: of the duet) and which regulator is used, not all are the same as the maestro.

    All schematics and kicad sources available here if you haven't already found them

    Edit: missread that, but god thing you got it working. I'll still leave the comment for future reference.

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