Babystepping icons to match bed going up and down (reverse arrows)

  • It would be really nice if the fingers/arrows on super usefull Babystepping icons could be swapped.

    Many printers use fixed XY axis where the bed is the moving part on the Z axis, meaning the + on babystepping is down and - is up.

    Icons now shows + up and - down, which is correct if the hotend was moving, but alas…

  • I don't find this and I have a delta where the head moves in z and a corexy where the bed moves in z. If I press say the "finger down" button on either machine the nozzle to bed gap decreases. If I press the finger up button it increases.

    It doesn't matter if it's the nozzle or bed moving, the firmware changes the origin of the coordinate system either in a positive or negative direction which is essentially the same whatever layout your machine has.

  • Me too. CoreXY with bed moving in Z and baby stepping works as I'd expect. That's from DWC - can't comment on PanelDue.

  • Same on Panel Due Ian they work as expected to either reduce the Nozzle-Bed distance (-) or increase it (+)

  • The way it has always been done is that Z-up means head further away from the printbed. Just as a positive z-coordinate in gcode moves the head up and away from the printbed.

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