New user - fall at the first hurdle

  • Hello. I'm new and starting with Duet, but seem to have fallen at the first hurdle.

    I've bought a Duet3 MB 6HC. I have a Raspberry Pi 4.

    I've read

    I've put the uSD that came with the D in the Pi, connected Pi and D with the supplied ribbon cable, connected wired network to teh Pi, applied power to the D. Pi boots.

    I ssh to Pi, and in accordance with that page did 'apt update' and 'apt upgrade', which looked like they were behaving as normal for a Pi.

    I http to the IP address and get an apparently working web interface, except if I go to Settings - Machine Specific - Diagnostics and issue M115 I get told (inter alia) "FIRMWARE_VERSION: 3.0beta12". Everything on that page just says if you have a connected Pi just do apt update / apt upgrade, so that suggests I've done something wrong.

    I've looked at firmware GitHub and that also seems to say I should just use apt.

    I note that in the web interface under File Management - System the file 'Duet3Firmware_MB6HC.bin' is dated 19/5/2020, which seems to be the latest version.

    I note I have no motors sensors etc. connected yet, but I don't see any warnings that you must have at least something wired up. (I haven't done this yet because I'm not yet sure of teh geometry of my printer, so I don't want to start cutting cables and crimping, though I could take a guess for e.g. the extruder if this is necesary.)

    I've tried various shutdown / reboot / power cycle / power cycle with long pause.

    So I've probably done something dumb, but I'm not sure what it is, and where do I go from here?

  • @achrn said in New user - fall at the first hurdle:

    "FIRMWARE_VERSION: 3.0beta12"

    i suspect the problem is the apt upgrade doens't take into account that when upgrading from 3.0beta12 that is on the card that was prepared for the first units then you need to do some incremental upgrades - specifically to 3.0 releaes first, then 3.1.1 (but apt doesn't know).

    if you can connect the micro usb of the Duet to the Pi and then run wget -O - | tr -d "\r" | bash you should download a script that takes care of flashing the Duet with the version that is installed on the Pi.

    If you don't trust random scripts on the internet you can refer to and the section on "update via usb" for windows or pi.

  • OK, thanks.

    I was nervous of something labelled as "fallback recovery" - it seemed more likely that I'd missed a trick than that a fresh board out of the box would require anything so last-ditch-attempt sounding! However, having gone through that process (manually - though I note the script is just the same sequence of commands) I do now have firmware 3.1.1. Thanks again.

  • Yeah, I'm not sure how long new boards will be shipped with the 3.0beta12 firmware, I guess different resellers will have varying stock. Once they're sold out I guess new boards will come with 3.1.0 or newer at which point apt will just-work(tm) for updates.

    Anyways, glad you got it sorted!
    (you're not the first, thus the script that just takes care of it)

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