Sunx Gl-8H endstop

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    Can I use the Sunx GL-8H sensor which is an no type on the duet ethernet board ?
    Or should I replace them with an nc type ?

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    I answered a related question at Does that help?

  • Thanks that made alot more sense after I read that post .

    So assuming the following I found in the link.

    PNP output normally-open inductive or capacitive sensor
    Connect the sensor output wire to one end of a resistor (call this R1), and connect one end of another resistor (call this R2) to GND on the corresponding Endstop connector. Connect the free ends of R1 and R2 together and to the Sense pin of the corresponding Endstop connector. Also connect the sensor ground wire to corresponding endstop ground, and the sensor's + power wire to a suitable voltage (typically to VIN because these sensors usually need between 6 and 30V).

    The values of R1 and R2 should be chosen so that about +3V appears at their junction when triggered. If R2 is 10K, then suitable values of R1 are 30K if the sensor is powered from +12V, and 68K if it is powered from +24V.

    Then it should work without replacing the endstops with another type of endstop ?

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    That will only work for a Z probe. It won't work for an endstop switch because the endstop circuit includes an LED and pullup resistor. You need either NPN output sensors, or you could use a small N-channel mosfet or NPN BJT and a few resistors to convert the PNP output to NPN output. (I am assuming you have identified them correctly as PNP, I haven't checked.)

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