Unused Extruder used for z axes

  • Dual z axes motors I know z has twin motor ports but I do not know if I can use one of the extruder ports as a second z axes motor

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    HI Cap

    This is possible with M584, see this in the documentation:

    Using multiple drivers for the Z axis where they can be moved independently for bed levelling is on the firmware wishlist:
    (point G)

  • thanks for the info i am not an engineer i am a driver by trade but you guessed that all ready
    sorry for stupid question
    so would this be right
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2:4 E3

    should i add this to the Editing /sys/config.g under Drives be the place to put it

    meaning to me the other z motor is conected in the last and empty motor drive meat for the second extruder (E1)
    i wont say last stupid question as im sure you here/read plenty of them
    if i use the dual z motor connectors is the power supplied by default 800ma is shared over both connectors

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    Put the M584 command before the M906 command. The Z current you specify in M906 will be applied to each Z motor.

  • thank-you only thing is one motor was working back to front quick power down and turn the motor wire around sorted it out but thanks for all the help
    now to do some reading on tuning heaters

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