For sale Duet Wifi going cheap some issues but prints really well.

  • So I got given a duet wifi card it works, I installed it in my corexy where the print quality has been wonderful

    The motors work, the web control works, compared to my other duetwifi board this one achieves 1Mbyte/sec wifi transfers.
    The bed heater thermistor channel and heater output work, the extruder 0 heater and thermistor channel work.
    The sd card slot works fine. I have x, y and z endstops working fine, z probe connector works.

    If you have a printer with a heated bed and one extruder this card will do the business, the same as a new one would.

    The known issues it has are that heater 2 channel doesn't work, neither do 3-7 on the expansion connector.
    The port for the PT100 board doesn't seem to function.
    There maybe other ancillary things which don't work, I have not tried everything the board can do.

    However I figure its a cheap way to improve your printer if your machine is fairly standard and simple. I need to use some of these extra functions so I'm selling it on and buying a new one.
    £80 and its yours (plus shipping).

    New one would be £149 inc shipping to UK.

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