Rebuilt Replicator 2X

  • I recently rebuilt my Replicator 2X, updating more than half of the unit. The only stock things still on the printer are the frame, carriage assembly and motors. I have replaced the linear bearings, removed the bronze ones and converted to Misumi ones. I replaced the entire Z assembly, keeping only the motor/leadscrew, switching it to an aluminum one by IDE. The Y idler pulley was replaced by an IDE aluminum one. I added magnets all around the top cover to keep it on the unit consistently. The PTFE tubes were replaced by Capricorn tubes. The extruder/hotend assembly was rebuilt using a Flexion setup, I had actually done that a couple of years ago. The heated bed itself is actually stock, but I added a Buildtak flexplate system to it. I removed the old MightyBoard and motor wirings, leaving the endstops and their wiring. The unit is now ran by a Duet 2 Wifi, and is way, way better than it ever was before. It is now Z homed using a BL Touch sensor, and has a touchscreen on the front. I followed the post here as the core of what I was doing with my machine, but made a number of tweaks and changes along the way.

    I am currently building a new coreXY printer based around the 6HC and 3HC boards, rebuilding my Replicator put me on the path to that, and I am having a ball!

  • IMG_20200810_204537548.jpg

  • IMG_20200810_204602683.jpg IMG_20200810_204556290.jpg IMG_20200810_204543410.jpg

  • IMG_20200810_205746983.jpg IMG_20200810_205732457.jpg IMG_20200810_205645138.jpg IMG_20200810_205638763.jpg IMG_20200810_205632236.jpg IMG_20200810_205615069.jpg IMG_20200810_205609490.jpg

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    Nice conversion. It would appear to be a clone Duet sadly. Nice work all the same.

  • You should really consider putting some ferrules or other therminals on all the high power and mains voltage wring not just the bed and heater outputs.

    also using yellow/green for positive DC wring is not great practice; this is widely recognized as protective earth colouring.

  • It might be a clone, I got a bundle set online. I hadn't looked too close at the individual parts. The 6HC and 3HC boards I just got are legit though, and any other boards I get will be original as well.

    I am actually going to swap out those wires for red/black with ferrules on it, I used what I had laying around during the initial build. On my to-do list for this machine. I finally got both extruders working, these crimp terminals can be a pain. Those wires were pulls from an ATX PSU cable bundle.

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